“Dad, How ’bout a catch?”

An entry meant for father’s day, but put off until now…

The line from the movie, “A Field of Dreams”. This line gets me every time. Why? My dad was a bad dad; an abusive alcoholic from as early as I remember, until the day he died. All of the things I missed growing up. But what I do remember is the first baseball glove I got and the first and only game of catch I had with my dad. There are only a few good memories of my dad, and it has always made father’s day a tough time for me.

I have long since forgiven my dad for what he did to me, my mom and brother.  I could let it drag me down, but I don’t want to let it have that power over me.  While I will never understand the way my dad treated us, the power of forgiveness allows me to enjoy the few good memories I have of my dad.  Now when my kids ask “Dad, how ’bout a catch?”, I can have fun and know we will make more good memories than we can count.


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